Karmel Knowledge (aka Gross National Product) circa 1969
John Mraz, Wally Ponti, Chris Hemstead, Tod Dauer, Mike Ponti
The Gross National Product
AKA:  The Karmel Knowledge
Pullman, Washington
1967 - 1970


Tod Dauer ~ Organ, Vocals
Denny Deccio ~ Guitar, Vocals
Chris Hemstead ~ Guitar, Vocals
John Mraz ~ Drums
Mike Ponti ~ Guitar, Vocals
Wally Ponti ~ Bass, Vocals

The Gross National Product (aka: The Karmel Knowledge)  You can see why we changed the name.  Radio stations wouldn't do promo's for us, and several high schools we played at wouldn't put up our publicity posters with the "Karmel Knowledge" name.

I'm fortunate to be part of a great group of musicians my age.  We play out enough to make it worthwhile, without impacting our families and jobs.  I'm 58 years old now, and I don't think I'll every quit playing.

THOMAS O. (TOD) DAUER, S.E., May 2007

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Last Update:  25 November 2011
Credits: Tod Dauer
Band #  2220