Hangmen - Image Courtesy of Lynn Gibson
The Hangmen
Nathan Hale & The Hangmen
Winlock, Washington
1967 - 1968


Dennis Dyer ~ Lead Guitar
Lynn Gibson ~ Drums
Steve Johnson ~ Lead Guitar
Doug McGinnis ~ Guitar
Bob McGraw ~ Lead Guitar
  Roy Richards ~ Bass
Sandy Smith ~ Vocals
 Rob Yarbrough ~

The Hangmen was from Winlock, Washington.  We played at a lot of high schools in the area.  The band formed in 1967.  We started by playing at school plays, etc., then we got an offer to play a dance at a school.

Originally we were called Nathan Hale and the Hangmen.  Our members were Doug McGinnis (Nathan Hale) , Rob Yarbrough, Steve Johnson, and myself.  Roy Richards, from Winlock, was the bass player.   We played at most the area high schools.  If we didn't have a gig at a high school, we would rent a grange hall and put the dance on ourselves.

We played at Clatskinie High school on Nov.11, 1967.  It was a Battle of the Bands.  The bands were: Milk Truck, Mystics, Zero End, and Tiffany Bros.  It was hosted by T. Tommy Watson, a local D.J.  Milk Truck won. We were second.

We played one gig at the Plaquato Ballroom before it burnt down.  We did open for Springfield Rifle In 1967-1968 at the Civic Auditorium in Chehalis Wa. Their van broke down. We were only supposed to play at intermission.

Doug left and was replaced by with a singer named Sandy Smith from Chehalis.  I haven't seen or heard from Sandy since then.

Dennis Dyer from Toledo replaced Steve Johnson.  Dennis played with the Londons.  In 1968,  Rob left the band and was replaced by Steve Ritter from Tenino, Wa.  We broke up as the school year ended in 1968.

I went on to play with many bands until 1990.  I now play with the praise band at church.  My drums are Ludwig, 1975 Vistalite tequila sunrise.  In the 60's I used whatever I could find.  My first cymbal was a 1950 Buick Hubcap.

In the 70's and 80's, I played with area musicians from Winlock and Vader.  Some of them are still playing.  Ron McGinnis was with a band called Backfire.  Shane Counts (Yakima), bass player, is no longer playing, although we lie to each other about playing again.  Jerry McGinnis no longer plays (also Backfire).

It has been so interesting to read about all the bands on the web site.

Lynn Gibson, November 2009

Image courtesy of Lynn Gibson

Dennis Dyer played lead guitar. Steve Johnson played lead. Bob McGraw was our last lead player. He went on to play with Diamond Rio and Pilot.  He now does a single act.

In 1979 Ron McGinnis, Shane Counts, and myself started a 3-piece band,playing at the Landing in Toledo Wa.We were called Cowlitz. We soon added JerryMcGinnis (Ron's brother). They both played lead. Shane played bass .We played together for a couple of years, then broke up. Then in about 1984 we got back together and called ourselves Night Owls. We played throughout S.W. Washington for several years.  I finally quit in 1987. We have played a few times over the years.

Lynn Gibson, November 2009

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