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The Happening - Courtey of Virginia Scott
The Happening - Image Courtey of Virginia Scott
The Happening
1422 First Avenue
Seattle, Washington

Some of the bands that performed at this place during those great years of NW music were:

The Bandits
The Bards

Buffalo Springfield
Deep Summer
The Everly Brothers
King Crimson
King Sunny Ade.
Magical Freeway
Merrilee and the Turnabouts
The Pied Pipers
Smiling Castle
Tiny Tony and the Statics
Super Band
The Family Tree
West Coast Natural Gas

The Daisies & The Carousels

I remember being booked (West Coast Natural Gass) a couple of nights, along with the Buffalo Springfield, at the Happening, on 1st Avenue near Pike Street, maybe 1966/67. I never cared for the sound there, however Buffalo Springfield sounded great.

They melted their PA system so we shared ours with them. They were staying at the Hyatt near SeaTac- so we'd unwind at my place after the gigs.

Dave Burke, Bass, West Coast Natural Gas, February 2004

"Magical Freeway" and "Tiny Tony & The Statics" both performed at The Happening in 1968. I remember because my group got top billing and we were not the stars! It was "Tiny Tony and the Statics" and he was P.O'd (not happy)!

Joel Johnson, April 2005

Merrilee and the Turnabouts at The Happening - 1966-67 - courtest of Larry Foster
Merrilee and the Turnabouts at The Happening - 1966-67  - Courtesy of Larry Foster

The Everly Brothers

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Credits: Peter Simpson, Clyde Heaton, Brad Beck, Dave Burke, Joel Johnson, Jim Adams, John Gordon, Larry Foster, Virginia Scott, Mardig Sheridan, Clifford Weiss