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Photo By and Courtesy of: Stan Foreman, 2002
Harborena Roller Rink
Hoquiam, Washington
1953 ~ Present

Some of the bands that rocked The Harborena Roller Rink during those great year of NW music were:

Acapulco Gold
The Beachcombers
Jimmy Bowen
City Zu
The Deacons
Dick & Dee Dee
Don & The Goodtimes
Fats Domino
5 Man Electrical Band
Fragile Lime
Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps
Carl Wilson & Heart
The Huntingtons
Bryan Hyland
The Knickerbockers
Buddy Knox
Mama's Boys
Merrilee Rush & The Turnabouts
Mr. Lucky & The Gamblers
Mourning Sunn
The Pied Pipers
The Peppermint Trolly
Sir Douglas Quintet
The Statesmen
The ShinDogs
The SunRays
Swingin' Medallions
Eric Burdon & War

Others ??

Photo By and Courtesy of: Stan Foreman, 2002

Was it 1971?
I was about 16. I had just played at the Harborena with my high school band.  I was driving my girlfriends Mustang and I backed into the brown Ford LTD Hoquiam Police car parked in front.

Being young and dumb and I think somewhat high, I drove away at a brisk rate, thinking no one had witnessed it.  I was arrested in Aberdeen about 15 minutes later (Duh!) and spent one of many nights in juvenile hall.

My dad was thrilled, as was my girlfriends dad.  I had to work off the community damages to the dented door...   $225

I aquired a new nickname that I can't mention here.

I was banished from the Harborena!

Maitland Ward, March 2006

The Harborena was a great place for us to play at.  We were there at least three times a year.  As for the cruising, there was some but I don't remeber it being a big deal like it was in Renton or Everett in those days.

John Gordon, December 2006

I grew up two blocks from the Harbourena.  I in fact, my father did all the electrical work inside and designed and built the marquee outside.

I started going to dances there in 1967 (when old enough to get in) and along with the great bands already listed, remember seeing Ralph, with Barney Armstrong and Merilee Rush (they were first band I saw), Fragile Lime, Chinook, Chiliwack, 5 Man Electrical Band, and others I can't remember.

Merilee Rush inspired me to become a musician/singer and am still actively involved in music today.

Deborah (Girard) Myre, Tacoma, WA, May 2010

I was in Mourning Sunn back in the day (Bass) and the band  “Gypsy” also played there. It was such a cool crowd to all the music we played and that Gypsy played. They had the hit Gypsy Queen back in1970-71.

Brad Johnson, July 2010

Photo By and Courtesy of: Stan Foreman, 2002

Photo By and Courtesy of: Stan Foreman, 2002

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