The Headpins
Vancouver, British Columbia
1979 - Present


Bernie Aubin ~ Drums*
Ab Bryant - Bass, Vocals
Jim Buckshon ~ Bass
Tony Dellacroce ~ Lead Guitar
Matt Franette ~ Drums
Alfie Galpin ~ Keyboards, Guitar
Scotty Hall ~ Guitar, Vocals*
Denise McCann ~ Lead Vocals
Brian MacLeod - Guitars, Keyboards, Drums, Vocals
Darby Mills ~ Lead Vocals*
Vic Nicholas ~ Lead Guitar
Scott Reid ~ Drums*
Dave Reimer ~ Bass*
Rick Taylor ~ Drums

In Memory of

Scotty Hall
Brian MacLeod

Here is another band that should not be left out of your vast collection of PNW bands. The Headpins were an extension of Bill Henderson's Chilliwack, though his involvement didn't go past the production aspect of the offspring group. I don't have the complete history nor the membership list committed to memory, so I've included a couple of links. What I do know is this:

The group Chilliwack was in legal limbo when Mushroom Records got tied up in the courts when owner Shelly Segal (sic) died suddenly in 1980. To keep themselves busy while off the road, lead guitarist Brian "Too Loud" MacLeod and bassist Ab Bryant started a band that played the bars and clubs around the Vancouver area. The original singer was Denise McCann, who is the present Mrs. Randy Bachman. She was soon replaced by Darby Mills, who gave the band the right amount of 'edge' and sexuality. Darby was perfect for their hard driving rock.

Soon the Headpins were a major local draw, and the word started to spread eastward in Canada.  Not being dummies, Solid Gold Records, based in Toronto, ON, snapped up the Headpins. Their debut album (and single) was a hit, but the members were still prevented from touring by the legal headache, so a fake* Headpins hit the road. Chilliwack had their legal question resolved, and were also snapped up by Solid Gold, and a series of hits singles and albums followed. Needless to say, this created some friction within the ranks of Chilliwack, and with the departure of McLeod and Bryant, Henderson found himself the sole member of the group he founded all those years ago (Collectors - Chilliwack).

The Headpins continued on until the untimely death of main parkplug/guitarist/drummer/keyboardist Brian MacLeod.  With cancer already claiming his arm and shoulder, he passed away in 1992. McLeod was a native of Newfoundland, and like many before him, decided that there was more fun to be had musically on the west coast.

Roger Stomperud, Bass, The Solid Citizens May 2003

The band is still going strong and playing shows...Bernie, Ab and Darby are still in the band too.

Roger Riveland, April 2003

The Headpins
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Roger Stomperud (R.I.P.), Roger Riveland, Penny (Flynn) Mutal, Jamie Anstey, Chandler Keeler (R.I.P.), Jim Buckshon, David Lees
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