(aka: The Army, White Heart)
Bellevue, Washington
1965 ~ Present


Mark Andes ~ Bass
David Belzer ~ Keyboards
Chris Blain ~ Drums
Denny Carmassi ~ Drums
James Chirillo ~ Guitar
Michael Derosier ~ Drums
Roger Fisher ~ Guitar
Steve Fossen ~ Bass
John Hannah ~ Keyboards
Ken Hanson ~ Percussionist
Jeff Johnson ~ Drums
Brian Johnstone ~ Drums
Howard Leese ~ Guitar, Keyboards
Duris Maxwell ~ Drums
Ron Rudge ~ Drums
Fernando Sanders ~ Bass
Ray Shaefer ~ Drums
Ben Smith ~ Drums
Don Wilhelm ~ Keyboards, Guitar
Ann Wilson ~ Vocals, Guitar, Flute
Carl Wilson ~ Guitar
Nancy Wilson ~ Vocals, Guitar
Gary Ziegleman ~ Vocals

Les Cuddeback ~ Guitar &  Drum Tech, Monitors & Mood Control
Larry Carmody, Guitar Tech
Keith Cowan ~ Roadie
Monica Dimo ~ Wardrobe
Rick Erickson ~ Electronics, Guitar Tech  (1978 - 1979, 1983)
Ken Landis ~ Keyboards Tech
(1976 - 1990)

Tony Messina ~ Guitar Tech (1977 - 1990)
Mark Wilcox ~ Keyboards Tech

In Memory of

Larry Carmody
Monica Dimo

Ray Shaefer

The founding members of Heart formed in the early 1960's, playing local venues and high schools in the Seattle area.  They had a few different band names and member changes in the early years.  It wasn't until brothers Mike and Roger Fisher met sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson that the band received any backing from investors in the music industry.  With their finances backed by the record labels, the band could focus on creating hit songs through the 70's and 80's. They have overcome many obstacles through the years but have had continued success loaning a lot of their fame to having such a strong female presence in rock music. To those of us that grew up in the area it was exciting to watch them start their venture into rock n roll fame in the Pacific Northwest.

K. Jones, 2012

Image courtesy of Rebecca Westby
Gary Ziegleman, Ron Rudge, James Chirillo, Ken Hanson, Roger Fisher, Steve Fossen

Heart at Oil Can Harry's - Photo by and courtesy of Chandler Keeler
The above shots of Heart were taken at Oil Can Harry’s in Vancouver, BC.  I believe they were the first shots of Heart in Vancouver.

Shortly after we did a studio session and the result is that fuzzy promo piece on the site.  I hated the shot.  There were much better shots to choose from, but managers always know best, especially when they are writing the cheque.

Chandler Keeler  (R.I.P.), August 2008

Heart - April 1971 - Courtesy of David Belzer
Jeff Johnson, David Belzer, Roger Fisher & Steve Fossen
April 1971 - Courtesy of David Belzer

Image Courtesy of PosterGeist
Heart Poster - Image Courtesy of Alan Burns

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Credits:  James Chirillo, Richard Evans, David Stawitcke, Susan Anders, Craig Kelly, Brian Johnstone, Roger Fisher, Bob Hake, Duris Maxwell, Alan Burns, Rebecca Westby, Kevin Fawcett, Les Cuddeback, Tamara Walters, Jeanette Landis, Donnie Wilhelm, Chandler Keeler (R.I.P.), David Belzer, Mark "Hoss" Amans, Kylie Jones, Rick Erickson

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