High Voltage
Portland, Oregon
1971 ~ 1977

Andy, Rojer and Marty - 1976

Andy, Rojer and Marty - 1976

Bob Elston and KISN Radio DJ Dave Stoner - 2002

Photo by and courtesy of Marty McCray

In August of 2006 we had an official HIGH VOLTAGE reunion with 4 of the original 5 members. Bob Elston (vocals), Rojer Blaine (bass, vocals) Andy Campbell (drums) and Me, Marty McCray (guitar, vocals).  Also our entire original road crew of 4, Eric Schilling, Clark Roberts, Don Alexander and Chris Leonhard were along for the fun. Eric actually filled in on keyboards for original member Reid Douglas who wasn't able to attend. Besides jamming in my home studio, Bob and I (Marty) got to crash a good friends club gig and get up on stage to play a few songs for the first time in 30 years!  Bob And Marty also stopped by the KISN radio studios and did a live broadcast interview with the legendary Dave Stone who was instrumental in providing airplay for our 2 singles on the original KISN radio back in 1976. A good time was had by all and we are very thankful that we are all still alive and loving music to this day all these years later !!

2007 Update

Marty and Andy are still playing together in a band called the Kooltones in and around the Portland area along with our longtime friend and Marty's cousin Jeff Munkers on bass guitar and Jon Lindahl on guitar. We've been playing consistently for 28 years. http://myspace.com/billysceneandthekooltones.

Rojer is retired from performing and  living in Mulino Oregon with his wife Linda and their 2 children.

Bob Elston stopped performing after 1977 and is currently living outside of Las Vegas NV with his wife and daughter.

Reid Douglas is still performing on an intermittent basis and has plans to do a gig with Marty and Andy and Jeff in 2008.

Marty McCray, December 2007

2013 Update

Bob Elston is still alive and kicking in Henderson Nevada. Rojer Blaine came out of retirement and is playing bass and singing with the Mike Branch Band.  Marty McCray continues to play with the Kooltones, Random Pressure and an all Beatles band called the Dung Beatles.  Andy Campbell also plays with the Kooltones and the Dung Beatles but is involved in a new band called Crash Sunday along with Eric Schilling on bass.

No word on the original members of HIGH VOLTAGE.

Marty McCray, May 2013