The Hitchhikers
Boise, Idaho
1962 - 1965


Charlie Coe ~ Guitar
Tim Bosworth ~ Vocals
Jim Wangen ~ Piano
Dick Walker ~ Bass
Rich Wilson ~ Drums

In Memory of

Tim Bosworth

These guys were out of Boise and played at the Trocadaro Dance hall every Friday night from 1964 to 1965...  Great band! Charlie Coe, guitar; Tim Bosworth, Bass; Jim Wagnon, piano; the drummer?  I'm still trying to find out.  Charlie lives here in Boise. Tim unfortunately died in a tragic car accident on the way home from the gig in the early 1980's. Can't locate Jim....They backed Freddie Boom-Boom Cannon when he came here in 1965 at the ol' Trocadaro.

Mike Barriatua, March 2003

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Last Update:  19 May 2013
Credits: Darryl Riffero, Mike Barriatua, Richard Walker, Curt Gonion
Band # 822