Holden Caulfield - Photo courtesy of Rex Burmester
Buddy Bowman, Ken Onstad, Bruce Johnson, Tom Gunn, Rex Burmester, Ron Leach
Holden Caulfield
Corvallis, Oregon
1966 - 1969


Steve Bielman ~ Vocals
Buddy Bowman ~ Guitar
Rex Burmester ~ Guitar, Vocals
Tom Gunn ~ Bass
Rick Highsmith ~ Bass
Bruce Johnson ~ Vox Organ
Ron Leach ~ Drums
Cal Leo ~ Guitar
Geary Lewis ~ Vocals
Ken Onstad ~ Vocals
Darrell Selvig ~ Guitar

In Memory of

Cal Leo

This group started in the mid 60's with Geary Lewis as lead singer. Geary was replaced by Ken Onstad.  At some point Ken was replace by Steve Bielman.  Tom was replace by Rick Highsmith.  Buddy was replaced by Cal Leo.  Rex was replaced by Darrell Selvig.  When I left in "69 the group changed it's name to "Grace" (or was it Virgin Grace ?)

We played many high school and frat dances.  We played clubs like TG's (Albany), The Exit (Salem) The Second City (Corvallis). Our biggest night was as opening act for Buffalo Springfield when they played Corvallis early in their career.

Rex Burmester, April 2005

I recall that we started the band with the name of The Livin' End and were such when we played opening for Buffalo Springfield.

Geary Lewis, August 2014

Holden Caulfield Business Card - Courtesy of Ken Onstad

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Last Update:  1 August 2014
Credits:  Rex Burmester, Mark Bielman, Ken Onstad, Geary Lewis, Larry Edgar
Band # 1690