Northwest Dance & Music Venues

The Hollywood Bowl
Later became The Grooveyard
New Westminster, British Columbia

Some of the bands that rocked this place during the early years of NW music were:


Donny Brooke
Roger Jerome and The Casuals
The Collectors
The Epics
Kirp and The Electras
Hobo Hank and The Sons of The Delta
Tony Harris
Joe Hinton
The Imperials
Etta James
Junior Parker
Hattie Littles
Marvin Gaye
Night Train Revue
Paul Revere and The Raiders
The Showmen
Soul Society
The Spinners
Tiny Tony & The Statics
Merrilee & The Turnabouts
Vancouver Playboys
The Viceroys
The Viscounts

Others ?

Image courtesy of Brian Shields

The Hollywood Bowl in New West became The Grooveyard and then Magilla's. One New Years Eve at Magilla's the Collectors highlighted the show.

Brian Shields, April 2007

10 November 1964 - Courtesy of Steve Cartmell

I saw and talked to Merrilee Rush at the Hollywood Bowl/Grooveyard in about 1965 or 66.  She was gracious and professional and had her small child at the gig with her.  Her husband was in the band.  He was very protective of her and it was sweet to see that.

She was playing a Hammond C3 through a JBL D-130 15 inch speaker in a small plywood box.  She stood behind it in heels (painfull. now that’s professional).  There is much more to her than Angel of the Morning.  She rocked the place for four hours and at the time was one of the few female headliners.

Later,  Johnny Cash, a very hip man, had her on his  TV show, not because she was country but because she was and is a world class talent.  She took over the screen as she slowly walked to the front of the stage and made me realize that I wanted my own Angel of the Morning. She had stage presence very much like a young Bette Middler

Robert Brown, The Centaurs, June 2007

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