Curt, Bill, Thom, Doug, Bud, BJ
Hometown Blues Band
Tacoma, Washington
1968 - 1972


Billy Barner ~ Drums, Vocals
Bud Brown ~ Trumpet, Vocals
Thom De Rosa ~ Bass, Vocals
Terry Gunter ~ Bass, Vocals, Bass Saxophone
Bill "BJ" Krett ~ Guitar
Doug Skoog ~ Hammond B3, Piano, Harp, Vocals
Curt Southworth ~  Flute, Tenor & Alto Saxophone

In Memory of

Terry Gunter  d:  July 2013

Hometown Blues Band 1968 - 1972. The first photo was taken in 1971 and was the most successful version of the band. This band toured nationally with Atlantic recording artist R.B.Greaves who's record "Take A Letter Maria" was in the Billboard top ten in 1969.

In the top photo, from left to right are: Curt Southworth - tenor sax, alto sax and flute, Bill Barner-drums and lead vocals, Thom De Rosa-bass and lead vocals, Doug Skoog - Hammond B3, electric piano, blues harp and lead vocals, Bud Brown-trumpet and background vocals, Bill (BJ) Krett - lead guitar. (the Bud Brown in this band is not the same Bud Brown that was in the Toff's).

The next picture is an earlier photo of Hometown Blues Band, from left to right. Bill Barner, Doug Skoog, Curt Southworth, BJ Krett.

The last photo, again an earlier version from left to right: Curt Southworth, Bill Barner, Doug Skoog, BJ Krett and Terry Gunter (bass guitar and lead and background vocals) . Note: Terry Gunter also toured  with us on the RB Greaves tour as Bass Sax (not Bari) and vocals.

Bill Barner, September 2002

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Last Update: 25 July 2013
Credits: Bill Barner, Thom DeRosa, Warren Smith
Band # 968