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Photo By and Courtesy of Stan Foreman
Hoquiam High School Gymnasium
Hoquiam, Washington

Some of the bands that rocked The Hoquiam High School Gymnasium during tthose great years of NW music were:

The Beach Boys
The Beachcombers
Gail Harris
Iron Butterfly
In February, 1964 The Beach Boys played a concert at the gym, along with The Beachcombers and The Capris, Gail Harris and The Chandels.  It was the only concert/dance ever held at the gym as the school board was very protective of the hardwood basketball floor which was used for varsity play.  One of the pics is the ticket for this event.  After this event there were no more rentals for concert/dances.  The gym is about two weeks from being torn down (as of July 2002) along with the rest of the old high school as they have built new facilities at another location.

Stan Foreman, September 2002

Iron Butterfly also played at the Hoquiam High School Gymnasium.  Awesome show!   We kept tripping the circuit breakers with all the Iron Butterfly amplifiers and lights. We finally reduced quantity of the lighting and the show went on.

Mark Holderman, February 2006

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Credits: Stan Foreman, Mark Holderman, Rich Cunningham