Bill Cleland, Dave Roland, Harrison Allen, Pauly Allen, Steve Warneking, Jamie Kelly
Hot & Cool
Seattle, Washington
2013  - Present


Harrison "Diimond" Allen III ~ Vocals
Paul "Pauly" Allen ~ Vocals
Bill Cleland ~ Bass, Vocals
Jamie Kelly ~ Guitar, Vocals
Dave Roland ~ Drums
Steve Warneking ~ Keyboards, Vocals

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Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in members, crew, etc., of this group include:  The Regents (Tacoma), City Zu, The Wailers, Charlie & The Tunas, The Bootmen, Sweet Rolle, Airplay, Tacoma Pops Band, The Breakers, Didi Law and Friends, Occupational Soul, Main Attraction, Cold Bold & Together, Ice Age, Diamons Vocal Band, The Crestliners, Treblemakers, Fat Chance, Rock n Roll Jones, Reincarnations of Rock and Roll, Dave & The Goodtimes, Freelance, Enomi and The Rockin Rollercoasters, The Vanguards,  and many other NW bands

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Last Update:   1 July 2014
Credits: Bill Cleland
Band # 3099