Image Courtesy of Gordon Aamot
Tacoma, Washington
1971 - 1974


Gordon Aamot ~ Bass
Frank Ani ~ Trumpet
Greg "Boots" Buhre ~ Saxophone
Don Clatterbaugh ~ Bass
Dan Dingess ~ Saxophone
John Dingess ~ Drums
Rob Floberg ~ Keyboards
Charlie Foster ~ Trombone
Tom Harmon ~ Saxophone
Bud Peterson ~ Vocals
Larry Reissinger ~ Keyboards
J. Roberts ~ Bass
John Scholer ~ Guitar, Vocals
Jim Stevens ~ Trombone
Marc Strong ~ Drums
Mark Swamburg ~ Guitar
Terry Toporke ~ Bass
Larry Wansley ~ Vocals
Mark Warr ~ Keyboards
Chuck Williams ~ Saxophone

1975 Reunited Lineup

Frank Ani ~ Trumpet
Craig Hoyer ~ Keyboards
Marv Miller ~ Bass
Ron Parry ~ Drums
John Scholer ~ Guitar
Jim Stevens ~Trombone
Dan Teideman ~ Saxophone


Vance Kirklin ~ Sound
Gary Toporke ~ Sound


Terry O'Brien

In Memory of

Marc Strong
Bud Peterson

Hot n Nasty was the house band at a tavern in Milton. In addition, they played quite a bit at the dance clubs out on Pacific Highway and did regular gigs at O'Brien's downtown. The band was a full Chicago look-alike group, and mostly did covers of the various horn bands like Chicago, Tower of Power, etc. Gary Toporke took over as sound tech.

Vance Kirklin, November 2002

I was the original Sax player for these two bands (Hot n Nasy and Peaceable Lane).  Peaceable Lane was before Hot and Nasty and then Hot and Nasty changed back to Peaceable Lane.

Greg (Boots) Buhre, December 2002

I was the manager of Hot n Nasty back in the 70's.   Peaceable Lane was before Hot n Nasty.  Frank Ani came to me and we formed the band after Peaceable Lane was still playing.  Hot n Nasty played its first gig at Sid's Tavern in Ocean Shores, WA.  From there they played at Little Jim's pub in North Tacoma. The band was the house band at Baldy's Tavern in Milton, WA for a solid six months.  They then the went onto play at my family's restaurant for another six-month gig.  After that the band played around town before they broke up and went their separate ways.

Marc Strong was the first drummer hired. Unfortunately Marc passed away shortly after the bands first job. The  first lead guitar player John Scholer.

Looking over old papers I have Hot N Nasty played together at least up to 1974.  I have been out of touch with my musical friends for a long time its great to have located this web site.  I am already spending long hours looking at a lot of great memories.

Terry O'Brien, January 2006

Hot N’ Nasty was briefly resurrected in 1975 with me (bass), John Scholar (guitar), Jim Stevens (trombone), Frank Ani (trumpet), Dan Teideman (sax), Ron Parry (drums), Craig Hoyer (keyboards).

Marv Miller, November 2014  

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Last Update:  13 March 2018
Credits:  Vance Kirklin, Greg "Boots" Buhre, Joe Wilson, Maia Santell, Frank Ani, Terry O'Brien, Jay Roberts, John Scholer, Mike Handley, Marv Miller, Gordon Aamot
Band # 1058