Bill Oxford, Cliff Leonard, Randy Wilcox, Tom Slip
Hot Spice
Spokane, Washington
1974 - 1995


Bob DiMartino ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Linn Fyhrie ~ Drums, Vocals
Sid Fisher ~ Guitar, Keyboards
Jim Griffith ~ Drums
Vance Johnson ~ Keyboards, Bass, Harp
Cliff Leonard ~ Guitar, Saxophone, Keyboards, Vocals
Ken Martello ~ Bass
Bill Oxford ~ Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Rocky Poole ~ Drums
Tom Slipp ~ Drums
Randy Wilcox ~ Keyboards, Guitar

Paul Handler ~ Agent
"Mr" Billy Tipton ~ Agent

In Memory of

Paul Handler and "Mr" Billy Tipton

Bill Oxford had the band "Hot Spice" based here in Spokane from 1974 through 1985,  It later became a high-tech duo with just Bill and Vance (Guitar and Keyboards)  The Duo continued until 1995.

Vance Johnson, November 2002

Hot Spice in 1990
Rocky Poole, Cliff Leonard, Bill Oxford
Clockwise from left: Randy Wilcox, Cliff Leonard, Bill Oxford, Tom Slip
Photo Courtesy of Linn Fyhrie
Linn Fyhrie, (top) Cliff Leonard, (bottom) Bob Demartino, Bill Oxford

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Last Update: 9 December 2010
Credits:  Vance Johnson, Linn Fyhrie

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