The Hub and Squeak Show
Snohomish, Washington


John Bingaman ~ Drums
Randy Quackenbush ~ Guitar
Bradd "Hub" Schwartzmiller ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Brent "Squeak" Schwartzmiller ~ Saxophone, Flute, Vocals
Wes Shreffler ~ Drums

Others  ?

In Memory of

Bradd "Hub" Schwartzmiller (d: 12 November 2012)

I played drums for Hub and Squeak a couple different times, most recently in the 70's at the General Store in Snohomish when Randy Quackenbush played lead guitar (fantastic player!).

Wes Shreffler, March 2008

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Last Update:   19 November 2012
Credits:  John Bingaman, Bradd "Hub" Schwartzmiller, Wes Shreffler, Richard Evans
Band # 1318