HUGG Promo Photo - Courtesy of Matt Osterman
Dennis Caldirola, Dale Osterman, Mary Bliss, Joe Morgan.
Photo by Kim Yee

Seattle, Washington
1967 - 1972


Larry Baldwin ~ Guitar, Vocals
Dave Belzer ~ Hammond Organ, Fender Rhodes Left-hand Bass
Audie Bridges ~ Guitar
Dennis Caldirola ~ Keyboards
Rich Douglas ~ Guitar
Craig Knapp ~ Guitar
Larry McDowell ~ Vocals
Dennis McGuire ~ Bass
Joe Morgan ~ Drums
Mary Morgan ~ Vocals
Dale Osterman ~ Bass
Mike Robbins ~ Keyboards
Kurt Romaneski ~ Keyboards
John Schofield  ~ Bass
Joe Schrock ~ Guitar

In Memory of

Rich Douglas
Larry McDowell

HUGG, Photo Courtesy of Dennis Caldirola
 Joe Morgan, Mary Bliss (Morgan), Dennis Caldirola, John Schofield, Larry Baldwin

HUGG, Photo Courtesy of Dennis Caldirola
Mary Bliss (Morgan), Larry Baldwin, Terry "Tuna" Morgan, Dennis Caldirola, Joe Morgan, John Schofield

HUGG - Photo courtesy of Dennis McGuire

HUGG played from about 1970 until late 1972. They played all over the state from North Bend, to Sylvana to Neah Bay and all over Seattle and Everett.  HUGG was the first rock and roll band to play at Seattle Pacific College.  Since the college was a very strict religious school, no dancing was allowed and everyone was required to sit on metal folding chairs.

Dennis McGuire, June 2003

HUGG in 1968 - Photo Courtesy of Craig Knapp
Being an original member, I do recall a number of changes in our lineup within the first year, but noteable members back in 1968 were:  Joe Morgan (drums), Mary Morgan (vocals), Larry McDowell (vocals), Kurt Romaneski (keyboards), John Schofield (bass), and myself, Craig Knapp (guitar).

The attached photo, left to right, shows:  Larry McDowell, Kurt Romaneski, Mary Morgan, John, Joe Morgan, and Craig Knapp.

By 1969, the only originals remaining in the group were Joe and Larry.  Not sure were everyone else ended up, but I went on to co-found the group "Liberty" in late 1969.  Thanks for the memories!

Craig Knapp, April 2005

I was the keyboard player for Hugg in 1971 (maybe 72, can’t remember back that far)…  We were a trio then:  Joe Morgan, drums; Joe Schrock, guitar; and myself on keys…  During an extended gig at “Jekyll and Hyde’s” in Lewiston, Idaho, I was called and asked to join Merrilee Rush and the Turnabouts…  I left Hugg at the end of our gig in Lewiston and joined Merrilee just six days before one of her road tours started.

Dr. Mike Robbins, November 2005

I replaced Craig Knapp in the band in late '69. At that time the line up was about the same.  The bass players name was John Schofield and he now is an executive with Boeing in Renton.

Kurt Romaneski is living in Northern California.  Mary Morgan married and opened a very succesful Deli-Bistro in Everett.  Larry McDowell went on to sing various bands.  Joe Morgan fell off the earth musically, but became a prosperous land baron.  I played in various rock-blues-country-jazz bands and now work for the local cable company.

Larry Baldwin, February 2007

Larry Baldwin, Hugo and I played together in Gritz in 1970.   When Larry called in June 1971,  I replaced Dennis Caldirola on Hammond organ.  Eventually Hugo got married and Joe Morgan bought me a Fender Rhodes left hand bass, and I covered organ and bass.  I fell in love with Mary Bliss (who didn't).

Dave Belzer, July 2014

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Credits:  Dennis McGuire, Craig Knapp, Mike Robbins, Larry Baldwin, Matt Osterman, Dennis Caldirola, Audie Bridges, Dave Belzer

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