Northwest Dance and Music Venues

Hunan Chef
Bellevue, Washington

Some of the bands that performed at this place during those great years of NW rock and roll were:

MerCury Cruisers
Spike & the Continentals
Rudy & The Tube Shakers

Others ??

Hunan Chef was on auto row in Bellevue and catered to the 35-55 single and divorced crowd.  REDLINE played here for many years, but got fired by the manager Paul for about a 6 month period.  Paul required us to play a “commercial song” every time we played there, in which he would come on stage right before a break and sing a goofy “commercial’ for the club usually to “ House of the Rising Sun”.

So, one time we ignored it and Paul did not book us for about 6 months; strange guy!

Mike McElhoe, August 2012

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Last Update:  8 August 2012
Credits: Mike McElhoe, Doug Pratt