The Icons in about 1966 - Photo COurtesy of Gil Pierson
Richie, Bruce S.,  Bruce C., Tom and Gilbert - About 1966
The Icons
AKA:  Scrapbook
Pullman, Washington
1962 -1970's

Original Members

Tom Batey ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Richie Fitzsimmons ~ Guitar, Vocals
Paul Madsen ~ Drums
Bret Lee Orton ~ Bass
Bruce Shelton ~ Saxophone, Vocals

Later Members

Bruce Coonradt ~ Drums, Vocals
Gil Pierson ~ Bass, 12-String, Vocals
Carol MacDonald ~ Keyboards, Vocals

Scrapbook Additions

Jim Bush ~ Drums, Vocals
Drew Hastay ~ Bass, Vocals

In Memory of

Bruce Shelton

The Icons was a premier band of the Eastern Inland Northwest that played the Northwest Sound and hits from the Beach Boys to the Beatles.  Later, after the departure of several members, the name was changed to 'Scrapbook'."

Jeff Schaller, March 2007, April 2007

The final configuration was a trio consisting of Carol on keyboards, Drew on bass guitar and Jim on drums.  Rich was going to rejoin the band, but that didn't happen.

Drew Hastay, April 2007

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Credits: Jeff Schaller, Drew Haystay, Gilbert Pierson, Sam Pemberton
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