Ictus - Photo Courtesy of Jim Fleming
AKA:  Neo Valentino
Bremerton, Washington
1980 - 1984


Bruce Black ~ Bass
Mark Black ~ Guitar, Vocals
Bill Ehrhardt ~ Drums
Jim Fleming ~ Drums
Gregg Foxx ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Jamie Johansen ~ Vocals
Lori Lowenstein ~ Vocals
Loreli Sego ~ Vocals


Bob Calan ~ Lights
Mike Miller ~ Sound
Alex Raphael ~ Sound
Sam Raphael ~ Lights

Ictus - Photo Courtesy of Jim Fleming

Ictus music career started in Bremerton WA 1980 with a very heavy sound and big production.  They recorded their album, Icarus, in Seattle and had a very popular song "The Ice Age Cometh".  They played in front of sold out houses in the greater Kitsap areas and Olympia.  They then started playing concerts and night clubs in the Seattle market and branched out to the mid west which included Denver, CO.

Jim Fleming, July 2006

Ictus Live, 11 July 1981 - Courtesy of Jim Fleming
Ictus Live, 11 July 1981

“The Ice Age Cometh” was one of GGregg'ss original compositions which we played in Ictus (it was very well received).  We did manage to land a spot on one of KZOK’s “Best of the Northwest” albums in 1981 with a song called “Lookin’ Out for Number One”.  If I remember correctly we recorded the track at a guy’s basement studio outside Port Orchard on a huge old Ampex 2 inch 8-track tube-based deck (wonder where that is now?)

Mark Black, July 2006

Ictus - Photo Courtesy of Jim Fleming
Some of the Pacific Northwest music groups represented  in members of this group include:   Nova, Metro, Blue Sky, Lee Malone,  and many other Northwest bands.

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Credits:  Jim Fleming, Mark Black, Bob Calnan, Gregg Fox, Gayle Fleming
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