Vince, Grant, Andy, Dick
Immanuel Kant
Vancouver, British Columbia
1972 - 1974


Vince Clark ~ Drums
Dick Fryatt ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Bill Fulton ~ Bass, Vocals
Laurence Knight ~ Bass, Vocals
Grant Phillips ~ Guitar, Vocals
Andy Zach ~ Guitar, Lead Vocals

In Memory of

Vince Clark
1951 - 2003

I used to play with Grant after he and Laurence Knight left Wicked Orange after they finished recording their 45 singles, "Windy Day" and "Roll On".  Both Grant and Laurence approached me to sing lead vocals along with other members Vince Clark and Dick Fryatt.  We originally came up with the name Immanual Kant, but later changed it to Albatross.  We played for the BC Centennial where we received centennial medals from Chief Dan George which I still cherish to this day as a momento.

Laurence later left our band to go play with the Foreman-Young band, and we ended up picking up another bass player by the name of Dave Jones. After Dave left, we got another bass player by the name of Bill Fulton, who I just recently got in touch with through Facebook. Grant and I lost touch with one another after he left to go play with someone else, and I continued with the band Albatross hiring new personnel, Dave Downey (bassist-49th Parallel) Al Forsythe (drums-Flashpan) and Andy Carson (lead guitar) from the UK band "Lobster Quadrille".  We were on the road from 1972 until 1975.

Grant and I became good friends and hung out together for a couple of years. I remember having dinners at his apartment with his wife Tannis,....or even visiting his mother on Kingsway in Vancouver.

Grant and I have got in touch again last year, also through Facebook, and have been talking about a possible reunion. Whether this will ever materialize, that remains to be seen, but it would be fun. If Dick Fryatt sees this, then please contact either Grant or Andy on Facebook.

Andy Zach, April 2008, September 2010

The above picture is of the original "Immanuel Kant" lineup.  Starting from left to right is Vince Clark sitting on the couch arm (drums), Grant Phillips (guitar), Andy Zach (vocals) and Dick Fryatt (keyboards). Taking the picture behind the camera is Laurence Knight (bass). . This photo was taken after practice in Vince Clark's basement.

Dick Fryatt, February 2009

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Last Update:  17 September 2010
Credits:  Andy Zach, Dick Fryatt
Band #  2353