The Impalas - Photo Courtesy of Richard Jansen
The Impalas at Ohop Bob's
The Impalas
Tacoma, Washington
1961 - 1963


Stacy Christenson ~ Organ
Tom "Leo" Eberle ~ Bass
Ron Gillette ~ Organ
Ernie Harvey ~ Vocals
Doug Hench ~ Saxophone
Dick Jansen ~ Drums
Dan Lewis ~ Bass
Ernie Perea ~ Saxophone
Dennis Young ~ Guitar

Ernie Harvey is still singing in a Country Western band called Harmony Ridge.  I recently went to see them at the Yelm Eagle's and enjoyed reminiscing about the "old days".
Ron Jansen, 13 April 2003

Stacy Christenson stays busy with his recording studio in the Great Pacific Northwest.
Webmaster, 15 April 2003

Ernie Perea is keeping busy performing with the Malcom Clark Band
Webmaster, July 2003

Above is an early photo of the "Impalas." They include: Ernie Harvey, vocals (three I think); Stacey Christiansen, organ; Dan Lewis, bass; Doug Hench (?), sax; Dennis Young, lead guitar and myself (occasionally mistaken as "Bob Jansen" ...see drum head).
Richard Jansen, September 2005

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Credits:  Ron Jansen, Stacy Christenson, Richard Jansen, Dan Lewis
Band # 1178