Indian Puddin' and Pipe - 1969 - Image Courtesy of David Savage and Pat Craig
Indian Puddin' and Pipe
Seattle, Washington
San Francisco, California
About 1968 ~ 1969


Jeff LaBrache ~ Drums
Kris Larson ~ Guitar
Dave Burke ~ Bass
Pat Craig ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Steve Mack ~ Guitar, Violin, Vocals
Paul Trousdale ~ Tenor Saxophone, Flute, Vocals
Steve "Warthog" Jackson ~ Bass, Vocals
Barry Lewis ~ Drums
Dennis Lannigan ~ Alto Saxophone, Piano, Vocals
Rex Larsen ~ Guitar, Vocals
Rick Quintanal ~ Drums
David Savage ~ Trumpet
Jock Ellis ~ Trombone
Lydia Moreno ~ Vocals

In Memory of

Paul Trousdale
1949 -2005

West Coast Natural Gas became Indian Puddin' and Pipe after we had recorded in San Francisco in 1968. Just after the tracks were recorded,  the band basically broke up and Matthew Katz changed the name to Indian Puddin' and Pipe.  Then in late 1968 Pat Craig went back to San Francisco, called Steve Mack and he went down to put together the performing version of  Indian Puddin' and Pipe which was: Pat Craig, Steve Mack, Rex Larsen, Paul Trousdale, Dennis Lannigan, Steve Jackson, Barry Lewis. The most well known version of Indian Puddin' and Pipe lost Lewis and added Rick Quintanal on Drums and Jock Ellis on Trombone.

Pat Craig, November 2002

Above is a shot of the Indian Puddin' and Pipe circa 1969 in Bolinas, CA.

I found some old mixes in my basement and had them baked and digitized. They came out great.

Band members in the photo abe are from left to right  Top - Paul Trousdale (Brave New World), Dennis Lannigan (Sonny & Cher Band, the Turtles, The Ducks), David Savage, Rex Larsen (Sonny & Cher Band, The Turtles), Pat Craig (West Coast Natural Gas), Bottom (with hand on chin) Steve Mack (West Coast Natural Gas), Rick Quintanal (Don Ellis Orchestra) Steve (Warthog) Jackson.

Pat Craig

Image Courtesy of PosterGeist

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Credits: Fuzz Acid & Flowers, Pat Craig, PosterGeist, Jock Ellis, Paul Trousdale, Rick Quintanal, David Savage

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