Influence - Bellingham - Photo Courtesy of Brian Feldtman
AKA:  Bad Influence
Bellingham, Washington
1979 - 1983


Brian Feldtman ~ Guitar, Vocals
Doug Newby ~ Drums, Vocals
Ron Thomas ~ Bass, Vocals
Tim Touhey ~ Keyboards, Guitar, Flute, Saxophone, Vocals

Here's one of Doug Newby and me out of control at our rehearsal space (10' X 12' mini-storage).  Notice the flannel and wool!  We weren't necessarily trying to be trendsetters, it was just damned cold out there!!!  We ran the entire band out of one light socket.  I call this, The ORIGINAL GRUNGE ROCKERS... circa 1982.
Brian Feldtman, July 2003

Brian - Western Washington University, 1980

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Last Update: 7 March 2008
Credits:  Brian Feldtman
Band # 1282