The Intellectuals
Walla Walla, Washington
1962 - 1964


Mike Beck ~ Trombone, Bass
Brian Conrad ~ Drums
Bill Craig ~ Trumpet, Piano
Pat Craig ~ Piano, Trombone
Spike Friedman ~ Trumpet
Craig Tarwater ~ Guitar
Paul Trousdale ~ Alto Saxophone
Ken Wilson ~  Tenor Saxophone

In Memory of

Paul Trousdale
1949 -2005

"The Intellectuals," was formed in Walla Walla in 1962 and included Craig Tarwater and Ken Wilson who later became part of Hawk and The Randelas, Paul Trousdale and Mike Beck who went on to form Brave New World, Brian Conrad who surfaced in Seattle in 1966 in the Magic Fern, Pat Craig who came to Seattle in 1966 and joined West Coast Natural Gas and founded Indian Puddin and Pipe in 1969, and Bill Craig who later formed Games in San Francisco in 1969.

Pat Craig, April 2005

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Last Update: 13 December 2012
Credits:  Pat Craig
Band # 1699