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Ira Joe Fisher
Spokane, Washington
1972 - 1975


First Version of the Band
(1972 – 1973)

Bob Briley ~ Drums
Lee Cardella ~ Bass
Jerry DesVoignes ~ Saxophone, Flute, Vocals
Ernie Ewing ~ Guitar
Jeff Menteer ~ Guitar

Second Version
(1974 – 1975)

Lee Cardella ~ Bass
Ernie Ewing ~ Guitar
Bruce Jacobsen ~ Organ
Jeff Menteer ~ Guitar
Perry White ~ Drums

In Memory of

Bruce Jacobson
(d:  Feb 2006)

Our drummer for Ira Joe, Bob Briley, was in Annakonda.  Bob's father was a local TV personality as I recall.

Ira Joe played clubs and did rock and funk and some Zeppelin.  We were at some club and the State line in Idaho and at the end of Stairway to Heaven, as I sang the last note... I received several Pies in my face (all part of the humor).  I recall some from the dance floor and one from Lee Cardella and one from Bob Briley.  The crowd was shocked as they were all singing along as it was the big hit song then.

Jerry DesVoignes, August 2008

Bob Briley also played in Hi-Fi and Revolver bands. He currently plays in Atomic Jive band.

Perry White currently plays in Shyanne.

Jeff Menteer currently plays in the Stacy Jones Band.

Jeff Menteer, January 2014

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Last Update:  6 February 2014
Credits: Jerry DesVoignes, Jeff Menteer
Band #  2419