John and Gene
The Jademen
AKA:  J.B. and The Jademen
Corvallis, Oregon
1965 - 1966


Dick Bowne ~ Organ, Vocals
John Boundy ~ Guitar
John Eckholt ~ Bass
Lynn Hurt ~ Organ
Skip Kennick ~ Bass
Randy Kiesling ~ Drums, Vocals
Christopher Nordyke ~ Drums
Rex Smith ~ Saxophone, Vocals
Gene Worden ~ Guitar



J.B. and The Jademen was the foreunner to The Jademen.  J.B and The Jademen fell apart just after Rex Smith and I joined.  Rex and I formed The Jademen along with Randy Kiesling, John Eckholt and Gene Worden.  We enjoyed moderate success, mainly in and around the state of Oregon playing house dances, armories, clubs, etc.  It helped pay for school and was a blast.  When J.B. came back, he reformed the original J.B. and The Jademen and they got venues maily because they played a lot of Stones stuff.  We were more traditional PNW rock and roll; playing Revere, Wailers and Sonics stuff along with some R&B.

Dick Bowne, January 2005


Poster Courtesy of   Ken Onstad
Poster Courtesy of Ken Onstad

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Last Update:  24 March 2012
Credits:  Dick Bowne, Michael S. Roth, Ken Onstad
Band # 1439