Seattle, Washington
1974 - 1976


Tom Cox ~ Bass, Vocals, Songwriter
Jeff Tassin ~ Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Songwriter
Rick Tassin ~ Percussion, Songwriter

JARAT came on the Seattle scene in the spring of 1974.  Rising fast through the Seattle Pop scene, their first recordings were completed at Rick Kiefer's, Sea-West, produced by Steve Adamak.

JARAT was known for their surprising renditions of Yes, tunes and full instrumentation within a three piece configuration.  They played Dinosaur Rock Festival 2 years running with Leon Hendrix and other local stars, splitting the bill with local acts such as Bighorn, Magic Fern and the Daily Flash. They signed with the ABC-Dunhill label in the fall of 1975 but was plagued with managerial problems, ultimately causing their demise in 1976.

Writer/Guitarist/bassist/Vocalist, Jeff Tassin, went on to garner three Emmy's and the International Telly Award for his feature score.  Still in the area, he owns and operates Jeff Tassin Studios.

Writer/Guitarist/Bassist/Vocalist, Tom Cox, is now a college music professor.

Writer/Percussionist, Rick Tassin, is now a high-level piper for a local Seattle firm.

Jeff Tassin, December 2007


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Last Update:  22 May 2010
Credits:  Jeff Tassin, Steve Rench

Band #  2311