Jaugernaut 83-85
Evolved from Joint Effort
Olympia, Washington
1978 - 1985


John DiBernardo ~  Guitar,Vocals
Scott Ensign ~ Bass
Brad Hymas ~ Bass, Vocals
Jim Johnston ~ Bass, Vocals
Dale Osmundson ~ Drums
Bill Thale ~ Bass, Vocals
Jim Valentine ~ Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Jeff Wade ~ Drums
Geoff Woodhouse ~ Keyboards, Vocals


Jaugernaut 78-82

1978-1981 Lineup

John DiBernardo
Brad Hymas
Dale Osmundson
Bill Thale
Jim Valentine
Geoff Woodhouse

1983-1985 Lineup:

Jim Johnston
Jim Valentine
Jeff Wade
Geoff Woodhouse

In Memory of

Dale Osmundson
Brad Hymas

Jaugernaut released two albums privately on Valentine Records.  They played extensively in the Pacific Northwest and on West Coast.  Originally starting out as 'Joint Effort' in 1974, they reformed as Jaugernaut in 1978.
Released first album 'Jaugernaut' in 1980.
Released second album 'Take 'Em There' in 1983.

Click Here to Listen to a 1 min 15 second clip of Love You I Do (594 kb file)

Listen to a 1 min 40 second clip of Trend Setters (787 kb file)

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Last Update:  10 August 2013
Credits:  Karl Welty, Jim Johnston, Kirk Bigoff

Band # 926