J.C. Crow
Camas, Washington
1974 - Present


Dave Crawford ~ Guitar
Ken Ebby ~ Drums
John Fredericks ~ Bass
James Hurley ~ Guitar, Bass
Mike Iman ~ Drums
Ed Lincoln ~ Drums
Jose Maya ~ Drums
Rod Nelson ~ Bass
Steve Nelson ~ Keyboards
Corey Nygaard ~ Drums
Dean Nygaard ~ Guitar, Bass
Roni Robinson ~ Drums, Guitar
Kathy Sweary ~ Vocals
Glen Veltkamp ~ Bass
Jennifer Warnes ~ Vocals
Jeff Yohe ~ Guitar


GI Blues

J.C. Crow Website

Jeff, Jim

Larry and James

Glen, Jim

James with Steve Miller

James, Dean and Glen

J.C. Crow Band is more of a family than a band.  It started in Camas, Washington, in the late 70's and still plays from time to time in the Columbia River Gorge.

Corey Nygaard, May 2003

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Last Update: 21 September 2010
Corey Nygaard, James Hurley
Band # 1209