Rojer, Tanya, Jim, Jeff, Steve
Pythian Ballroom, Portland, OR -  March 1968

The Jefferson Davis V
AKA:  Wild Elements
AKA: Happie
Beaverton, Oregon
1966 - 1968


Rojer Blaine ~ Guitar, Vocals
Jeff Davis ~ Bass
Tanya Goble ~ Vocals
Steve Hansen ~ Guitar
Jim Olsen ~ Drums

Ted Scott ~ Manager

Rojer, Tanya, Jeff, Jim, Steve
Pythian Ballroom, Portland, OR  March 1968

Song List: October 18, 1967

1.  Warmup (c)     Happie
2.  Get Out of My Life, Woman (c)   Leaves
3.  Omaha (g)      Moby Grape
4.  Keepin A Secret (e)    Family Tree
5.  Till the End of the Day (a)    Kinks
6.  All I Really Want To Do (e)   Sonny & Cher
7.  Under My Thumb (f#)    Stones
8.  Live (e)      Merry Go Round
9.  Somebody To Love (f#m)    Jefferson Airplane
10. Like A Rolling Stone (c)    Sonny & Cher
11. The Letter (a)     Boxtops
12. Sittin On Top of the World (a)   Grateful Dead
13. White Rabbit (e)     Jefferson Airplane
14. Louise (c)      Raiders
15. Society’s Child (a)     Janice Ian
16. Mornin Dew (d)     Grateful Dead
17. Help From My Friends (e)   Beatles
18. Merry Little Dirge (d)    Happie
19. We’ve Gotta Get Out of This Place (c)  Animals
20. Hold (g)      Wailers
21. Catch the Wind (d)    Raiders
22. Out of Our Tree (c)    Wailers
23. Get Off My Cloud (e)    Stones
24. Hold On, I’m Coming (g)    Sam & Dave
25. For What It’s Worth (e)    Buffalo Springfield
26. Happy Together (f#)    Turtles
27. Baby, Please Don’t Go (e)   Raiders
28. Daytripper (e)     Beatles
29. Dancing in the Streets (c)    Mamas & Papas
30. I Ain’t Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore (f)  -         Young Rascals
31. Gimme Some Lovin (g)    Spencer Davis
32. House of the Rising Sun (am)   Animals
33. Come On Up (c)     Young Rascals
34. Love is a Beautiful Thing (e)   Young Rascals
35. Shapes of Things (g)    Yardbirds
36. For Your Love (e)     Yardbirds
37. Hey Joe (a)     Leaves
38. Hungry (d#)     Raiders
39. Kicks (f)      Raiders
40. Just Like Me (c)     Raiders
41. Steppin Stone (e)     Raiders
42. Louie, Go Home (e)    Raiders
43. Satisfaction (b)     Stones
44. Just a Little (dm)     Beau Brummels
45. Fever (a)      Raiders
46. Money (c)      Raiders
47. Gloria (e)      Shadows of Knight
48. Last Time (e)     Stones
49. You Were a Child (a#)    Don & the Goodtimes
50. Sally Tease (a)     Don & the Goodtimes
51. Wipe Out (g)     Surfaris
52. Witch (g)      Sonics
53. Steve’s Fast Song (f)    Wild Elements
54. Steve’s Slow Song (a)    Wild Elements
55. Louie, Louie (a)     Sonics
56. Open Up Your Door (d)    Young Lions
57. Since I Fell (c)     Sonics
58. As Tears Go By (c)    Marianne Faithful
59. Midnite Hour (d)     Young Rascals
60. Summer in the City (c)    Lovin Spoonful
61. I Think We’re Alone Now (a)   Tommy James
62. Blues Theme (e)     Arrows
63. Latin Lupe Lu (e)     Mitch Ryder
64. Death of an Angel (e)    Kingsmen
65. Take A Look At Me (e)    Mr Lucky & the Gamblers
66. Time Won’t Let Me (a)    Outsiders
67. One Track Mind (e)    Knickerbockers
68. San Francisco (g)     Scott MacKenzie
69. People Are Strange (em)    Doors
70. It’s You Alone (d)     Wailers
71. Won’t Lead Me On (d)    Wailers
72. I Don’t Wanna Follow You (g)   Wailers
73. You Don’t Love Me (c)    Sonny & Cher
74. Purple Haze (e)     Jimi Hendrix
75. Drive My Car (d)     Beatles
76. I Want To Hold Your Hand (e)   Beatles
77. I Saw Her Standing There (e)   Beatles
78. All My Loving (f#)    Beatles
79. Hard Day’s Night (g)    Beatles
80. Taxman (d)     Beatles
81. Let’s Live For Today (c#)    Grassroots
82. Two Heads (f#)     Jefferson Airplane
83. You & Me & Pooneil (d)    Jefferson Airplane
84. She Has Funny Cars (e)    Jefferson Airplane
85. Different Drum (c)    Stone Pony
86. Inside Looking Out (g)    Animals
87. Can’t Stop Crying (e)    Blues Project
88. Love Me Two Times (e)   Doors


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Last Update: 30 January 2013
Credits: Jeff Davis, Rojer Blaine
Band # 725