Bands of the Great Pacific Northwest
The Jefferson Davis V
AKA:  Wild Elements
AKA:  Happie
Beaverton, Oregon
1966 -1968

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Rojer, Tanya, Jim, Jeff, Steve
Cirque Club

Wild Elements/Happie/Jefferson Davis V Concert Schedule  1966-1968


Wild Elements:

12-7 Battle of the Bands Sunset High Auditorium
  W/Chambermen   1/2 hour each  (lost) 


1-7 Private Party 7-10pm

1-13 Folksinger, Portland
  Audition during Warlord’s break 

1-15 Folksinger, Portland
  Backup Weeds

2-11 Battle of the Bands, Aloha Oddfellows Hall
  Trade off w/Moonlighters 7:30-midnite, lost

2-17 Sunset High Dance, Auditorium
  45 min

2-22 Beaverton Thetas Sorority Party, Raleigh Hills

2-25 Battle of the Bands, Hillsboro Armory
  J.C’s, third out of 8 bands

3-25 Tork Club, Beaverton
  2-4pm, 1 hour each w/Torchmen

3-25   J. C. Dance, Hillsboro Armory
  Backup Gentlemen Wild, 8-9pm

4-29 Headless Horseman, Portland
  9:30-11:30, w/Eternal Sounds

5-26 Whitford Freshman Party
Whitford Jr High Auditorium

6-5 Battle of the Bands, Teen Fair, Memorial Coliseum, 
Portland.   250 Bands, 2 songs, came in in top 14, 
Stage C, 6:30-7

6-6 Highland Ninth Grade Party, Highland Jr High Cafeteria
  8:30-10:30, w/Harrison Dye

6-10 Battle of the Bands, Teen Fair, Memorial Coliseum
  Came in fifth out of 14, 3:30 - 4 songs, main stage

6-16 Tork Club, Beaverton
  Backup Mr Lucky & the Gamblers, 8-9:30

6-17 Tork Club, Beaverton

  Backup Gentlemen Wild, 8-9:30


8-25 Tin Hut, Jantzen Beach, Portland

10-4 St Mary’s Cathedral, Portland

12-16 Cirque Club, Hillsboro
  8-9:45 with The Just %

12-31 Cirque Club, Hillsboro
  8-9, Backup Gentlemen Wild


1-15 Battle of the Bands, KOIN Studios, Portland
  Taped add for “Battle of the Beat” 9:00

1-19 Cirque Club, Hillsboro
  8-9, Backup Wailers

2-2 Battle of the Bands, Hillsboro J.C’s. Cirque Club
  10 bands, 8-8:20

2-3 Battle of the Bands, Hillsboro J.C’s, Cirque Club
  10-10:20, Came in Second

2-7 Battle of the Bands, KOIN Studios, Portland
  Filmed “Battle of the Beat” 3 songs, won first round

2-10 Beaverton High After Game Dance

2-17 TG’s Club, Newport


Jefferson Davis V:

3-14 Pythian Ballroom, Portland
  8-9:30, backup Moxie & Family Tree

3-16 Cirque Club, Hillsboro
  Backup Family Tree, 8-9:15, 10-10:40

3-23 TG’s Club, Newport 
(Booked under  “Happie” due to previous engagement)

3-27 Battle of the Bands, KOIN Studios, Portland 
(Booked under “Happie”)
  Filmed “Battle of the Beat” semi finals, 3 songs, lost

4-13 Cirque Club, Hillsboro
  8-9, backup Neighborhood Children

4-26 Jantzen Beach, Portland

4-27 Vernonia High School Prom, Vernonia High School
  9-12pm, Formal

5-4 Riviera Club, Astoria
  9:30 - 10:30, w/Moxie, split night

5-10 State High School Republican Convention, 
PI (Expo) Bldg, Portland
  12-1:00pm, 5-6:15pm, Main group

5-11 Garibaldi Fire Hall

Rojer, Tanya, Jim, Jeff, Steve
Cirque Club - New Years Eve, 1967

Jeff, Jim, Rojer, Tanya, Steve
Washington Park, Portland, OR

St. Mary's Academy - Portland, OR  October 1967

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