Photo Courtesy of Steve Mitchell
Jerry Neese Band
AKA:  Jerry and the Jerrimen
Olympia, Washington
1974 - 1980


Mike Corman ~ Drums, Vocals
Steve Mitchell ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals
Jerry Neese ~ Vocals
George "Steve" Yantis ~ Keyboards, Bass, Vocals

Later Members

Terry Ketchum ~ Drums
Rick Morrow ~  Drums
Benny Smith ~ Guitar, Vocals

Represented By:  Jack Belmont Agency

Mike Corman, Jerry Neese, Steve Yantis, Steve Mitchell

Steve Yantis, Steve Mitchell, Jerry Neese, Mike Corman
Tyee Motor Inn, Tumwater, WA, February 1975

The Jerry Neese Band worked several venues in Washington State including:  Olympia, Aberdeen, Port Angeles, Wenatchee, Sunnyside.  In addition to Washington, there were gigs in:  Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Colorado, South Dakota, Nevada, Utah and British Columbia.  The Tyee Motor Inn in Tumwater, WA as well as Eddie Mays' in Wenatchee, WA were favorite stops, 3 to 4 times a year each.  The band continued working weekend gigs throughout the eighties under various names most of which never stuck.

Steve Mitchell, June 2006

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Credits:  Steve Mitchell
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