Johnny & The Marks - Photo Courtesy of Sonny Schaaf
Sonny, Mark, Bob, Jon, Tom ("Zuke") and Jim ("Johnny")
Photo Courtesy of Sonny Schaaf

Johnny & The Marks
Tacoma/Pullman, Washington
1985 - 1996


Jim Adams ~ Guitar, Vocals
Bill Barner ~ Drums
Bob Breault ~ Drums
Jon Croteau ~ Vocals, Percussion
Craig Landron ~ Saxophone, Vocals
Mark Lindberg ~ Bass, Vocals
Allen Lynn ~ Drums
Tom "Zuke" Mazucca ~ Saxophone
Jim Martin ~ Bass, Vocals
Kevin McCaleb ~ Guitar, Vocals
Max Mitchell ~ Drums, Vocals
Stanny Nidbalski ~ Drums
Sonny Schaaf ~ Keyboards

In Memory of

Max Mitchell
Bob Breault
Jon R. Croteau

"Local drummer/singer Jon Richard Croteau passed away at his home early 7 January 2012, following a brief illness.  Jon was born in California 64 years ago.  Raised in Tacoma by his grandparents, he attended Lincoln High School (1965) and the University of Puget Sound.  While his family is gone, his friends are legion.  Jon will be greatly missed by those who knew him."

Johnny and the Marks 85-87 - Courtesy of Jim Adams
Johnny and the Marks (85-87)
This group evolved from "Silverheels" in early 1985.  Jim Adams/aka Johnny Hurricane Savage, Mark Lindberg, Sonny Schaaf, and Max Mitchell. Top 40 list and a heavier leaning towards R&B and Blues. This group recorded a 45 rpm record in 1986 and was reasonably successful as a weekend band in the Puget Sound area. The group expanded in 1987 and added Jon Croteau on as a singer/percussionist, Bob Breault as drummer, and Tom Mazucca ("ZUKE") on the sax. We went to a classic rock/R&B list with matching outfits, steps, etc. (*sound familiar?).  The "eastern" Washington version of  this group began in  1991 when Jim went back to work on a Ph.D. - this group featured: Kevin McCaleb, Jim Martin, Craig Landron, and Stanny Nidbalski. A fun, popular group which was successful in and around the Palouse region. All told, Johnny & the Marks didn't hit its demise until August 1996 when I relocated to Montgomery, AL.

Jim Adams, August 2002

Johnny and the Marks (91-92)
Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in members of this group include: Silverheels, Deep Summer, Desolutes, The Fourth Day, Christian, Bill Pair IV, Market, Ric Martino & Company, The Regents, Strokker, and many others NW bands.

What was Jim recently doing?  Check out his band , The Fabulous Cooltones, out of Montgomery, Alabama

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Last Update:  18 May 2012
Credits: Jim Adams, Sonny Schaaf, Kevin McCaleb, Max Mitchell, Billy Barner, Allen Lynn, Brian Woolery

Band # 942