Johnny Law - Photo Courtesy of Tom Crawford
Fred Lee, Kristy Davidson, Frank Hobbs
Tom Crawford, Dave Hollaway

Johnny Law
Tacoma, Washington
1985 - 1987


Tom Crawford ~ Bass, Vocals
Kristy Davidson ~ Lead Vocals
Frank Hobbs ~ Guitar
Dave Hollaway ~ Drums
Fred Lee ~ Guitar, Vocals

Johnny Law played hard rock and roll around the Tacoma and Seattle club circuit.

Fred Lee was a outstanding guitar player that was one of the popular Lee Brother from Tacoma.

This was another of many bands Tom Crawford performed in from 1967 to 2000.  Tom still plays occasionally around Puget Sound.

Tom Crawford, November 2010

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in members of this group include:  Dead Ringer, Fender Benders, Antelope Freeway, and many other NW bands.

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Last Update:  17 November 2010
Credits:   Tom Crawford
Band # 2757