Joint Effort - Image courtesy of Jim Valentine
Joint Effort
Later Reformed as Jaugernaut in 1978
Olympia, Washington
1974 - 1978


Eric Christopher ~ Vocals
Scott Ensign ~ Bass
Alan Munguia ~ Bass
Dale Osmundson ~ Drums
Chuck Thompson ~ Vocals
Jim Valentine ~ Guitar, Vocals
Geoff Woodhouse ~ Keyboards, Vocals

In Memory of

Dale Osmundson

I was the lead singer of Joint Effort.  It was a real great time in my life.

Chuck Thompson, January 2003

What a surprise it was to to inadvertently find this website while doing a google search on my old band’s drummer Dale Osmundson.

Joint Effort had Scott Ensign on bass & Chuck Thompson singing.  We changed our name to Jaugernaut when John D and Bill T came aboard.  Also, the original singer of Joint Effort was Eric Christopher.  Chuck took his place in about 1977.   The original bass player for Joint Effort was Alan Munguia.  Scott took his place about 1976.  I can’t believe I’m remembering some of this stuff... Obviously your site brought back some memories.

Thanks again. I remember a lot of those bands...

Jim Valentine, December 2006

“ Geoff, Jim and Chuck – Thank you for letting me be part of such a wonderful experience.  My best to you all. Dale, rest in peace my friend. You were a great friend.  You are missed."

Scott Ensign, September 2012

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Last Update:  27 September 2012
Credits:  Karl Welty, Chuck Thompson, Jim Valentine, Scott Ensign
Band # 925