Top: Niel Vietenhans, Mike Stowell, Billy Barner, Bill Kitchen
Bottom: Glenn (Thermon) Thomas, Tyrone Jones, and Michael Jones
Jonah's Whale
Tacoma, Washington
1971 ~ 1997


David "Bach" Baca ~ Drums, Vocals, Programmer
Bill Barner ~ Drums, Vocals
Daniel Blank ~ Keboards, Keytar, Violin, Vocals (86 - 90)
Donny Booker ~
"Chickenman" ~ Saxophone
Thom De Rosa ~ Bass
Ricy Hudson ~ Drums, Vocals
Michael Jones ~ Keyboards, Vocals, Bop Gun
Tyrone H. Jones ~ Bass, Keyboards, Guitar, Percussion, Vocals
Jody Kennard ~ Drums
Bill Kitchen ~ Bass, Vocals
Bill "BJ" Krett ~ Guitar
Louis Lattermore ~ Vocals
Ken Roland ~ Trumpet, Percussion, Vocals
Karin Leigh Schwartz ~ Vocals
Mike Stowell ~ Trumpet, Keyboards, Percussion, Vocals
Michael Stubblefield ~ Bass
Glenn Thomas ~ Guitar, Vocals
Glenn Urbank ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Charles Walker ~ Vocals
Veronica Warren ~ Vocals
Niel Vietenhans ~ Saxophone, Flute, Recorder, Percussion, Vocals


Tony Johns ~ Sound, Lights

In Memory of

Tyrone H. Jones
Michael Jones

On  Monday June 14th, 2004, I lost one of my very closest and dearest friends and the music community lost a very unforgettable and influential figure. Tyrone Jones was the Lead singer and, as my business partner, was the co-founder and co-leader of Jonah's Whale. Tyrone provided employment for dozens of very talented musicians and singers in his nearly four decades as a band leader and performer, mentoring numerous young people who were heading down the wrong path and needing direction and guidance.

Ty died June 14th in his home in Mesa, Arizona, after a long battle with cancer. He is survived by his loving wife Andrea, his sister Kitty, hundreds of musicians and thousands of adoring fans and friends.

We will all truly miss Tyrone Jones.

Billy Barner, June 2004

Tyrone Jones was a great leader and vocalist and I miss him very much. We were close even closer than family.

David Baca, March 2007

Photo courtesy of Michael Stubblefield, August 2007
Photo courtesy of Michael Stubblefield

Tyrone Jones was my very best friend.  We worked together in the band for over 20 years and he treated me just like his little brother.  I will miss him very much but he will always live on in my heart and soul.

Michael Stubblefield, August 2007

Photo courtesy of Michael Stubblefield, August 2007
Photo courtesy of Michael Stubblefield

Jonah's Whale First Promo Photo - Photo By Russ Adams
Ken Roland, Billy Barner, Chickenman, Glenn (Smoke) Urbank, Thom DeRosa, Bill (BJ) Krett.
Tyrone Jones and Veronica Warren

Billy Barner, Glenn Thomas, Tyrone Jones, Michael Stubblefield and Mike Jones

Photo Courtesy of Sandy Faye

Jonah's Whale - Ceasar's Tahoe - 1991
Photo Courtesy of Lulu Couacaud

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Credits:  Darryl Riffero, Sandy Faye, Walt Rattenbury, Tyrone H. Jones, Glenn Thomas, Jim Adams, Bill Barner, Thom DeRosa, Karin Leigh Schwartz (McWilliams), David Baca (Bach), Michael Stubblefield, Darell Harper, Lulu Couacaud, Terry Shaw, Tony Johns, Bob Speer, Kelly Burk Blank
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