Juan Trak - Image courtesy of Kevin Swain
Juan Trak
Vancouver, British Columbia
1983 - 1994


Ian Cameron ~ Guitar
Ross Friesen ~ Drums
Tommy Gogo ~ Drums
Dave Goodman ~ Guitar
Darryl Kromm ~ Guitar
Rob Lee ~ Keyboards
Billy Mendoza ~ Bass
Don Peters ~ Drums
Henry Peters ~ Guitar
Kevin Swain ~ Bass
Daryl Reimer ~ Vocals

Juan Trak was probably the top club band in Vancouver in its day, opening for Meatloaf and playing Expo 86.  They were also big in Hawaii.

The band began in 1983 and ended in about 1994.  I played with them  for all of '84.  Billy Mendoza played bass for them at one point after me. The members when I was in it were Daryl Riemer, Henry Peters, Don Peters, Rob Lee and Kevin Swain.

Most of that lineup re-united as The Wake, playing all originals and coming very close to a major label deal , but were twarted by internal politics and different personal and musical directions.

Kevin Swain, December 2008

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Last Update: 17 May 2014
Credits:  Kevin Swain, Ross Friesen
 Band # 2500