The Just %
Forest Grove, Oregon
1965 - 1968


Dave Hines ~ Drums (65-68)
Pat Jaross ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals
Fred May ~ Organ, Vocals
John Pratt ~ Bass
Jesse Smith ~ Drums (65)

In Memory of

John Pratt

I had been playing in another band in Jr. High School that I recently quit, so was not playing with anyone when I got a phone call from a guy named Pat.  He had a 3-piece band called the Antekes, but felt they were missing something.  He had heard me play organ somewhere and asked if they could come and meet me and audition.  I didn't know this at the time, but they walked 4-5 miles carrying their amps, guitars and some drums and showed up at my house one Saturday.  I liked their enthusiasm and energy, so we came together and formed the Just %.

We did about 60% covers and 40% original music.  We performed for sorority and fraternity parties and various dances out on in the local area.  We entered a battle of the bands at the Portland, OR "Teen Fair" put on by KISN radio and won an opportunity to record 2 songs which ended on a 45 master.  The original tape and 45 are long gone but our memories remain.

We put on a lot of dances ourselves by renting halls and thru self promotion.  Many of these were at the American Legion Hall in Forest Grove, OR.

I now play in an Americana band, the "Franklin Ladies Aid Society".  We are currently recording a CD for release in May. Pat writes a lot of original songs and has a small project studio in Klamath Falls, OR.  David Hines lives in Philomath and has a 3 piece band called "Formerly Hines".  Jesse only played with us a short time in the beginning.  I believe he still lives in the Forest Grove area.  David Hines took his place, and was with us until I moved away to the Oregon coast in 1968.  We broke up shortly thereafter, but the rest of the band played on in various other local groups.    John Pratt passed away two years ago in Eugene, OR.  I have lived in Eugene for over 30 years and never knew John was here until I read his obituary in the local newspaper.  RIP John.  We all miss you.

Fred May, March 2011

The Just % - 1966

The Just % at The Cirque

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Credits::  Fred May
Band # 2834