Northwest Dance & Music Venues

Kit Kat Klub
138 Hastings Street
Vancouver, British Columbia

Some of the bands that this place during those great years of NW music were:

Little Daddy & The Bachelors

Soul Reflections


My name is Chuck Peterson. I'm from Burien,Washington. In 1974 when I was 19, I moved to Vancouver and played in the House Band there for 9 months. It was rough but not as rough as the Smilin Buddah across the street. Hastings St. was where It was. Kinda like 1st Ave. in Seattle... a strip club turned cabaret. We played covers and worked 6 nights for 80 bucks a week. My hotel room was 13 dollars a week. Go Figure!

Chuck Peterson, June 2004

They have torn down most of the Kit Kat Klub building.  I found and photographed the above sign in the rubble.

Bob Montgomery, July 2011

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Last Update:  13 July 2016
Credits: Chuck Peterson, Bob Montgomery, Jim Middleton, Brian Pratt