Kodiak All Stars
Kodiak AllStars
Kodiak, Alaska
1978 - 1981


Jimmy Amason ~ Guitar, Vocals
Walt Braswell ~ Bass, Vocals
Ron Lahr ~ Drums
Mike Murray ~ Vocals
Rick Osborn ~ Guitar, Vocals

In Memory of

Rick Osborn

Rick Osborn was a very talented musician who lived in Seattle but played a lot in Alaska.  Rest in peace brother.

Mike Murray is now working at KMXT 100.1FM  in Kodiak, Alaska.

Jimmy Amason now is a touring Guitar Tech. currently for Dashboard Confessional.

Walt Braswell later went on to form a band called Razar in Anchorage, AK.

Ron also played in Razar out of Anchorage, AK.

Jimmy Amason, February 2008

I was in two different bands in Kodiak Alaska during the 70's...  The Kodiak Allstars and a band called Shearwater.  Since then I've played with many bands living in LA..  Mick Taylor, Ian Mclagan and the Bump, The Cruzados, Slave and a few local one offs with Billy Idol. Presently I've been guitar teching for Dasboard Confessional.

Jimmy Amason, February 2008

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Last Update:  27 November 2008
Credits:   Jimmy Amason
Band #  2335