The KOL Radio Band
Kettle Falls, Washington
1948 - 1954


Loren (Larry) Cooper ~ Accordion, Harp
Less Frye ~ Saxophone
Jeff Morales ~ Guitar
? ~ Guitar

In Memory of

All Members of the Band

This band was based out of Kettle Falls, WA and played the Jazz Swing of the times.  They also played some Country but loved the Big Band sounds.  When not on the radio, they were also known as Larry & the Troubadours.

To get the accordion in this picture it looks like they had Les Fry holding it for the shot. When friends would come to the Cooper's house for a meal, the accordion case would be used as an extra chair at the table.

All members of the band were top notch musicians and at one time, after the band was heard by the "Lawrence Welk Radio Orchestra", Loren was asked to join their group to play the accordion for them.  He turned down this opportunity, fearing that he wouldn't be able to take care of his family on musician's pay alone.

Earl (Skip) Cooper , December 2010

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Last Update:  8 December 2010
Credits: Earl (Skip) Cooper, Tresa Cooper
Band # 2773