Lance Romance
Enumclaw, Washington
1971 - Present


Current Lineup

J.C. Rieck ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Keith Parmenter ~ Drums
Bobby Englebert  ~ Guitar, Vocals

Present and Past Alumni

Loren Bollinger ~ Guitar
Marty Dahlgren ~ Fiddle, Vocals
Dave Dean ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Kim Eggers ~ Saxophone, Vocals
Bobby Englebert  ~  Guitar, Vocals
Dave Harmonson ~ Guitar, Vocals
Allen Kaatz ~ Guitar
Ron Kincaid ~ Vocals
E.W. Littlefield ~ Pedal Steel Guitar
Randy Meenach ~ Pedal Steel Guitar
Michael Murfin ~ Pedal Steel Guitar
Keith Parmenter ~ Drums
Larry Pigott ~ Bass
J.C. Rieck ~ Keyboards, Hammond B3, Vocals
Gary Thoreson ~ Pedal Steel Guitar
Pat Sinclair ~ Guitar
J.D. Story ~ Guitar, Vocals

In Memory of

Larry Pigott
d:  17 September 2008

J.D. Story

Lance Romance - Photo courtesy of Larry Pigott
JC Rieck, Keith Parmenter, Ed Littlefield, Larry Pigott, Pat Sinclair and JD Story

Two great steel guitar players who also played with the band, were Randy Meenach and Gary Thoreson.

Another guitarist who worked with the band was Loren Bollinger, a native of Wenatchee who has played with several NW bands.  In the early 70s, I played with Loren in a Seattle area-band called Kicking Bear.

Allen Kaatz, 30 May 2003

The Lance Romance Band first rode out of Enumclaw, Washington in 1971. Originally named Lance Romance and The Three Minute Boogie, the band, with Larry Pigott on bass, J.C. Reick at the keyboards and drummer Keith Parmenter, performed in venues as diverse as The Little Bear in Evergreen, Colorado and Gator McCluskey's at Hauser Lake, Idaho until the death of lead singer J.D. Story in 1974

Lance Romance, as the band was known with lead singer Ron Kincaid, played in such places as The Rainbow in Seattle, Washington, Washboard Willie's in Spokane, Washington and The Palomino in Los Angeles, California and performed with artists such as Asleep At The Wheel, Commander Cody And The Lost Planet Airmen, The Mission Mountain Wood Band, The New Riders Of The Purple Sage and JJ Cale until 1983.

In 1998, The Lance Romance Band was born again when lead singer Bobby Englebert joined the original members Pigott, Reick and Parmenter to bring over 100 years of musical experience to the group.

Bobby Englebert, easily one of the top five singers in the Northwest, gives The Lance Romance Band enormous versatility, doing a wide range of music, from Steve Miller to Hank Williams.

JJ Cale gave The Lance Romance Band a rave review as one of the best bands ever to open a concert for him. Not many bands anywhere can say they have been together and successful for over 30 years.

The Lance Romance Band can.

From The Lance Romance Website, October 2003

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Credits: Larry Pigott,  Bill Majkut, Darryl Riffero, Dave Kaatz, Allen Kaatz, Michael Linehan, Asaph "Michael" Murfin, Darryl Siguenza
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