Northwest Dance and Music Venues
Image Courtesy of Beverly Berg
The Last Chance Tavern
1504 Jefferson Ave
Tacoma, Washington

Some of the bands and acts that performed at this place during those great years of NW music were:

Foghorn Leghorn
It's a Beautiful Day
John La Flame
Rock Ola
Sneaky Sam's Lamb

Others ?

Ze Outside the Last Chance Tavern, Tacoma - Photo by and courtesy of Carl Cook

Image Courtesy of Beverly Berg

Image Courtesy of Beverly Berg

The Last Chance Saloon was at the south end of the downtown Tacoma part of Pacific Ave., close to Bimbo's and the American Federation of Musicians, Local #117.

It was open  from about 1972 to 1975, or thereabouts.

Lots of  70s bands worked there including us (Rock~ola)

Jeff Morgan, December 2013

My Haunt!  Sneaky Sam’s Lamb, John La Flame, so many….  I would LOVE to see a more complete list of bands who played there!

Does anyone remember Otto or Mikes last names?  (Barcha)

Beverly Berg, June 2014

I saw them at the Last Chance Tavern, of all places in 1976, with a crowd of only about 30 others.  Up close and personal.

David Bufalini, July 2015

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Credits:  Jeff Morgan, Beverly Berg, Carl Cook, Tim Hall, David Bufalini