Launchers at the Lakewood Teen Club, Circa 1959
Tacoma, Washington
Abt 1955 ~ 1959


Ed Bare ~ Drums
Dave Brown ~ Saxophone
Arthur Hook ~ Guitar
Hugh Judd ~ Keyboards
J.D. Roberts ~ Guitar
L.J. Roberts ~ Saxophone
? ~ Vocals

I was delighted to find your website this evening.  I was even more delighted to find the Launchers.  I was the keyboard player pictured in the photo on the website.

Do you know what happened to Dave Brown?  I remember him as a super-talented musician.

The abover photo was probably taken in 1959.   I joined the Launchers after I got my driver's license in 1958.  The band auditioned me because the Wailers had released "Tall Cool One" and the Launchers needed a piano player to play that song.   My friend Ed Bare asked me to audition and I got the job.

Thanks for compiling this website.  It brings back great memories!

Hugh Judd, September 2008

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Credits: Jeff Miller, Hugh Judd
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