The Lawyers
Woodburn, Oregon
Los Angeles, California
1977 - 1981


*Ray Dibaco ~ Drums
Frank Di Mino ~ Vocals
Jeff Labansky ~ Guitar, Vocals
*Mike O'Neil ~ Guitar, Vocals
*Randy Rand ~ Bass
Stephen Riley ~ Drums, Vocals
*Glenn Sherba ~ Guitar
John Staples ~ Bass, Vocals
*Stephen Whitman ~ Vocals

*  Original Lineup

In Memory of

John Staples

I saw the Lawyers for several nights in a row in Minneapolis with what I believe to be their first lineup back in 1977-1978 which then boasted LA guitarist Glenn Sherba (who later recorded with Bad Finger) bassist Randy Rand (who went on to play with Steve Plunkett in Wolfgang and eventually Autograph) and Mike O'Niel.

The Lawyer lineup (on the LP) is different with only Mike O'Niel remaining which tells me the band was more than likely his vehicle.  My guess is when they revamped the band Mike took it back to Woodburn, Oregon.  The songs are the same however.  They had a lead singer at that time I saw them but his name escapes me.

I used to have a news paper article about the band saying they were based out of LA and I spoke with Glenn between sets and he confirmed this.  The article listed the names of the band members and a review of a show in Minneapolis.  I also had a song list taken right off the stage and a poster of that lineup but nearly 30 years later they are long gone (and sadly not by my hand either).  The poster stated they were managed by GMM or Good Music Management.

My step brother has 10 minutes or so of sound super 8mm footage taken at the nightclub they were playing at the time and they were a lot of fun and put on quite a show. High energy macho rock in a 3 piece suit.  I noticed on the LP jacket they'd toned down the business suits but when I saw them live they worked the Executive rock & roll angle quite effectively and everyone right on back to the drummer was on board with that stylish wardrobe gimmick.

As a pet project I've been researching as much as I can on the web regarding the band and its members but unfortunately even with the power of the internet, there is very little information I've been able to turn up including anything on the surviving members.  I know Jeff Labansky is still active but I've had no luck getting in touch with him even though Hess still known to be playing around the Portland area.  If I could ever find Mike O'Niel I've no doubt he could easily answer questions regarding lineup changes or the chronological order of things that came and went. This website gave me a foothold for research and its nice to see the Lawyers made a mark of some kind, some where and that someone remembered them.  If anyone ever hears anything else about the band or know how I could get in touch with any former members, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Tony Latessa, July 2007


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