Led Jaxson Band
Seattle, Washington
1989 - 2000


Tom Boyle ~ Guitar
Eric Bryson ~ Bass
Doug Lynn Caulkins ~ Harp, Vocals
Richard Evans ~ Bass
Roger Filgo ~ Hammond B-3
Michael Grondin ~ Bass
Gene Holmes ~ Guitar
Howard Hooper ~ Bass
Mark Malloy ~ Slide Guitar
Clint Nonemaker ~ Guitar
Tim Sherman ~ Guitar
Todd Smith ~ Drums
Kirk "KT" Tuttle ~ Drums
Dave Wagner ~ Bass

In Memory of

Kirk "KT" Tuttle
d:  27 January 2011

Led by one of the most innovative harp players around, this band became a stop for some of the best blues players that The Pacific Northwest has to offer.  Bandleader Doug Lynn Caulkins, originally from Lincoln, Nebraska and now living near Denver,  Colorado, had a knack for assembling just the right combinations of players...and one hell of a blues show!  They were one of the hardest working blues bands in town and were regulars on the Pioneer Square circuit, especially at Larry's Greenfront, back when it was a blues club.  They produced two cd's of mostly original songs...Cruisin' For A Bluesin' in 1993, and Somethin' 'bout That Woman in 1995, Some cuts from each album can be found on Tom Boyle's compilation cd, T-Boy's Blues: 1987-2002, released in 2003.

Tom Boyle, June 2003

Visit the Doug Lynn Caulkins Website

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in this band include: The Slackmasters, Drivin' Wheel, T-Boy Neal and His Wild Blue Showcase, Becki Sue and Her Big Rockin' Daddies!, Home Cookin', Transaction, The Muscletones, and many others NW bands.

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Last Update: 28 January 2011
Credits: Tom Boyle, John Hodgkin
Band # 1255