Lenore - December 1968
Tri-Cities, Washington
About 1967 - 1970


John Bierlien ~ Drums
Jim Keller ~ Organ
Dave Lewis ~ Guitar
Greg Reiten ~ Vocals
Alan Smith ~ Bass

In Memory of

Greg Reiten
Dave Lewis

I spotted a photo in the 1969 Columbian yearbook from Richland High School in Richland, Washington, and sent a query to my high school alumni group.  The below was their response

Gary Behymer, February 2014

My brother shared the following information:

Lenore was a successful band that played all over the Tri-Cities.

The name came from a reference in Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven".

Three of the band members were 1969 Colfax Hi graduates: Greg Reiten (RIP), Alan Smith, and John Bierlien.  Dave Lewis was a very talented guitarist from Kennewick.  He died a number of years ago.  I believe Jim Keller was from Pasco. They rehearsed in the Reiten's basement.

All of the Tri-City bands "back in the day" were primarily cover bands. They performed material recorded by other popular, well-
known groups. Lenore was no exception. Lenore played a lot of school functions, proms, etc.   Although it was primarily a rock
band, it played a lot of pop and more commercial tunes at formal school dances.

Vickie Owens, February 2014

Image Courtesy of Alan Smith
Image Courtesy of Alan Smith
"Lenore" at Richland High School 1969 Tolo dance.  Greg Reiten created and inspired many rock bands during the second half of the 1960's.  "Lenore" was a Tri-Cities rock band.  Greg, John and Alan attended Columbia H.S. in Richland.  Dave & Jim may have both been from Kennewick.

Greg formed two more bands before leaving the Tri-Cities.  "Flesh" a trio with Greg on drums and vocals, Dave on guitar and Alan on bass.  His final group was a hard rockin' blues band called "Grandaff".

Alan Smith, June 2014

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Credits:  Gary Behymer, Vickie Owens, Alan Smith

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