Bon voyage party / performance at The Bouquet in Boise
Les & Billy
Boise, Idaho


Billy Braun ~ Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Les Fairchild ~ Guitar, Bass, Vocals

Hamming it up when getting passport photos taken

Les Fairchild and Billy Braun started working together in early 1978.  When Wilson-Fairchild split after playing together for seven years, Les asked his long time friend Billy, who had been playing solo in Boise clubs, if he would like to form a duo.  The two had known one another since high school and had even played together in a short-lived band called Mt. Sinai in Twin Falls.

Their plan was to play clubs in the area for six months and then vacation in Europe.  The two rehearsed, then hit the club circuit in Boise, also playing Balcom's in Kennewick, Washington and The Sandpiper in Twin Falls.  The culmination of their collaboration was a standing room only farewell, bon voyage party/performance at The Bouquet in Boise.  A few days later, Les and Billy flew to London and enjoyed an extended vacation traveling throughout Europe

Les Fairchild, October 2014

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in members, crew, etc., of this group include: The Ramblin' Three, Wilson - Fairchild, The Boys of Boise, Fifth Wall, Sunn & The Shadows, Macabre Men, The Betas, Sailor (ID), and many other NW bands

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Last Update:   30 October 2014
Credits:  Les Fairchild
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