Bothell, Washington
1967 - 1970

Duane Eickhoff ~ Saxophone
Ray Eickhoff ~ Keyboards
Roger Iverson ~ Drums, Vocals
Marty McCune ~ Guitar, Vocals
Vaughn Primm ~ Vocals
Mike Stipek ~ Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Tracy Stipek ~ Bass, Vocals

In Memory of

Marty McCune

From 1967 to 1970 I had what was considered the biggest band at “Bothell High”.  We played all the sock hops since I was on the dance committee.  It was called “Light” and the members were Mike Stipek, Tracy Stipek, Marty McCune, Roger Iverson Vaughn Primm, Ray Eickhoff, and  Duane Eickhoff.

Mainly we did Beatles, Stones and Kinks.

Mike Stipek, November 2006

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Last Update:  10 November 2006
Credits: Mike Stipek
Band # 2067